HN to Kindle

Reading Hacker News on Kindle Reading Hacker News on Kindle

1. Enter your kindle e-book reader or kindle app email address from 'Personal Document Settings', from the Amazon website of your country. Remove any whitespace from the start/end of your kindle email id when you paste from the Amazon website.

2. Copy the email id below to your 'Approved Personal Document E-mail List' using the COPY button.

3. You will now receive top Hacker News stories on your Kindle. You will receive several stories first time and after that as and when a story meets the selection criteria(see change log).

Use Cases

Reading Hacker News stories on e-book reader, Apps, Efficient knowledge assimilation from Hacker News comments using note taking, Highlighting and library functions of Kindle, Sharing legible HN content or just to increase productivity by spending less time on HN but not missing out on great content.


If you find HN to Kindle useful and want it to be developed further with more features, Consider paying for it.

Validation ends in 13 days

Change log

  • 16 Jun 2021: Top comment should be older than 2 hours. To avoid rendering when HN's ranking system hasn't done it's thing.
  • 13 Jun 2021: Fixed a bug which didn't receive all top stories which fit the criteria.
  • 13 Jun 2021: Stories older than 24 hours are not sent.
  • 13 Jun 2021: Fixed a bug which didn't send stories to kindle after the first time.
  • 12 Jun 2021: Story older than 9 hours with at least 20 comments listed as top story by HN is selected for sending to kindle.